Friday, June 5, 2009

last day to enter giveaway!!!

today is the last day to enter the my giveaway contest for a CUSTOM piece of jewelry! all you have to do is comment on this post here. you can write me anything you want, even just hi! tomorrow afternoon amanda and i will have a creative surprise on how we randomly pick the winner and he/she will then be contacted to start discussing their personal interests, obsessions and beliefs! i can't wait to start making it and to see who wins!

( me at my booth & my bestie amanda who always helps me out  every year! at art star)   

i feel like all this week i've been humming with electricity from meeting such lovely people last weekend at the 6th art star craft bazzar and for all the amazing (!!!) comments to my giveaway post!!! (which i'll respond to after the contest!)  i've already begun to list all the jewelry that didn't go home with anyone and all the new work i've already started assembling on my etsy shop, so keep checking if there was something you had your eye might pop up there any second!, like these jawbone earrings i coupled with tiny carnival coins and 2 different, vintage brass chains.
good luck and as always, thank you! 
p.s check out some of the write ups i've had about art star:


The Hand Of Fatima Design said...

you are such an amazing artist. i was so happy to meet you at the show and take a peek into the toothless cat! you're a gem, and i should either be thanking you or never talk to you again for addicting me to true blood! lol! i think i'll thank you because i absolutely adore it, i've hooked my husband and aunt onto it! lol

Leila Marvel said...

Your rights are so great, such beautiful pictures of your little world under the tent. Nothing beats in person though.

she.lives said...

I once bought a pair of your bloodletting earrings and to this day they are still my favourites ∆∆∆