Saturday, June 6, 2009

& the winner is............

to pick the winner i made a list of everyone's name who commented. then i randomly choose 24 tarot cards from my lovely salvador dali deck. amanda then shuffled them up until her heart's content and handed me each card which i then listed next to a name on my list, in order, so each one of you has your own tarot card. they are listed below so if you want to go check out what the card that was drawn for you means, you can over here at learn tarot. there are many other resources online and in books, but i find this one very accessible, especially for beginners. here is a source that outlines the meanings of reversed cards, since so many of you got them and the above website doesn't go into detail about the meanings of reversed cards. 

** EDIT** please don't be alarmed if your card seems "bad." investigate further on the internet or library, or get a true reading from a skilled reader in person. i only give "true" readings in person, when i get a sense of that person and their energy. xoxoxo  

leila: the tower reversed
lady fox and hound:the magician reversed
swashbuckleher: the world reversed
get ready set go: 8 of swords
danielle v: 7 of pentacles
rachel: 3 of swords
claire: the high priestess reversed 
sojournher: temperance 
mariarita: the devil reversed 
sue: the moon
jtk: the empress
keri: the star
joanne waryga: the hanged man reversed 
morgan: the ace of pentacles reversed
the giveaway diva: the sun
beth: the lovers
jen: strength
planet caroline: death
heather jean: king of pentacles
choklit: judgement
kelly patton: 9 of swords
verse: queen of swords
mon victorian: 2 of cups reversed 
pop culture casualty: 10 of pentacles reversed 

so after this list was compiled, amanda and i took turns shuffling the deck, and then i picked the winner!!!!
Ingrid from POP CULTURE CASUALTY!!!! who was the very last person to comment!
when we were picking the winner, my little BT daisy jumped in my lap to be in the photo too!
SO thank you all again for entering my contest, it was a lot of fun to hear all of your reactions to my work! 


Leila Marvel said...

Wow those cards are amazing. And to read up on the reverse tower, seems to match my current month, very strange.

danielle v. said...


JENN in Beautiful Bucks County PA said...

Congratulations to Ingrid  What a clever idea & a Salvador Dali deck. Thanks for the great link to interpret - it's a keeper for sure! Mine was "Strength" - perfect but I'm still working on the "patience" part. It's my bane. I’ll be in touch regarding the BPOE. Jenn

Pop Culture Casualty said...

Yeah!! I won! I won! I love that you used tarot. Though I am a bit horrified by the interpretation of my card, I can't wait to enjoy my prize! Thank you for doing such an awesome giveaway.

Lady Lavona said...

You girls look so lovely in these pics! I love the Salvador Dali deck...I only break mine out once in a while though. I use Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot. I also follow his method for interpretaion regarding reversed cards.

Everything has two when you pull any card it's reversed meaning is ever-present. It's more important to look at how one card relates to another. For example if you pull the Lovers card and the Devil card appears near it...the Lover's card would be ill dignified...and would point torwards the Shadow/or reversed aspect of the Lovers Card...It's important to know upright and reversed meanings of the cards...just as it's important to know our own Shadow...

If you are already pretty familiar with the Tarot I highly recommend Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot. It's way progressive! Okay enough Occult geekery!

xo Lavona