Tuesday, July 14, 2009

denise grünstein does children of the fog

these foggy photos, by photographer denise grunstein, of what appear to be faceless/masked children afflicted with some sort of madness or supernatural power, creep me out; much in the same way that when i have a snip of nightmare so weird i suddenly become aware that i'm (thankfully) only dreaming, then reach for the nearby notebook and pen to record it for later pondering and potential creative use. these images have that texture of residual dreams/nightmares and i found myself thinking of them long after i came across them while night voyaging on the internet.


Leila Marvel said...

I def wouldn't want to come across macabre little darlings. Really inspirational, thank you for finding the most haunting art around.


Oh man, these are insanely GOOD and are really creepy :D
Great post as usual!