Monday, September 14, 2009

happy 5th birthday Trinity Framing!!!!

part of the reason that i both love // hate living in this 'small town' city philly is that the smallness of it sometimes allows you to find people & places with whom you really connect with//share similar interests with. one such place is trinity framing in philly, who are celebrating their 5 year anniversary this week!. back when i was bartending and had extra $$$ for original art, i would take all of it to trinity to get it framed. they have a real passion for low-brow art (they frame a lot of work for the joshua liner gallery in nyc) and took really great care and time with each piece i brought in. their friendliness and enthusiasm is refreshing in a city where sometimes people are a little harsh. if you live in philly i recommend you getting your work or your art collection framed there, i promise you will not be disappointed.


Leila Marvel said...

Where do you get your prints done for your paintings?

The Hand Of Fatima Design said...

lol! i totally had the same new yorker's love/hate with philly's smallness!

Trinity Framing said...

XOXO thanks Jess