Tuesday, September 8, 2009

inspired etsy finds.

cicada wing earrings. by studio swoon.

i've been working a day job lately, which is why i've been posting at night. hopefully next week will even out & i'll be somewhat back to normal. cross your fingers for me cause i'm so tired! due to this, i've been SERIOUSLY neglecting etsy, more than usual. so i thought i'd try something new and match an etsy item to a photo i found while internet voyaging. i'd like to do this more often. hopefully i'll have some new stuff in my etsy shop soon!!!

cicadas mean a lot to me. i heard the buzzing and singing in the trees outside the house i lived in, in the south of france. for some reason they are very popular down there and you can find many things with made with their image. my super mom bought be a huge real one framed one year, and recently i've been hearing one outside my house here in philly.


danielle v. said...

did i tell you that HR found two perfect cicada wings in our backyard last week? they're under the bell-jar with the hummingbird...


Penelope said...

The first image is so beautiful! And reminds me of a photography project I keep meaning to get started on...