Friday, September 11, 2009

le fin.

my latest show, ' i am writing to you with my eyes' came down today. this group of paintings was my most cohesive in aesthetic and emotion. it was full of twins, some conjoined, some identical; separated by the panels of wood, but all communicating to one another in the secret texts of twins & the unconscious.
studio shot, where i now paint, within the toothless cat. i paint with a really awesome dude named dave glass. the pope painting was done by my partner, jason goldberg. he's one of my favorite painters.
one half of the diane arbus twins. 'a dream behind bone.' her twin sold. it's a little sad for them to be separated now!
vampire sweethearts. they sold when i was hanging the show! i let the guy take them the day after the opening so there is a new set of vamp twins in their place. i should have prints of this soon!
leda & the swan. 4"x 3". one of my biggest paintings to date. although there aren't twins shown, leda gave birth to twins in eggs after the encounter with zeus via the swan.
one half of the 'lighthouse' twins. this one was very personal & coincidentally, a friend painted something eerily similar. neither of us had prior knowledge of the other's work! so strange and wonderful.
some drawings that i might turn into paintings soon.


WingingIt said...

wow...i love all the black and white!!! great work! thanks for sharing...

Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

Really lovely!

Leila Marvel said...

OH MY, leda & the swan is just gorgeous and the vampire sweetheart is just up my alley, I may have to talk to you about doing a large print of either the two of them for my new house. Love them madly. Glad to see your new works since I missed your opening.

danielle v. said...

oh. my. sigh.

Anonymous said...

You're so amazing. xx

april said...

I am in love with your Leda and the swan painting! Its absolutely stunning!

bloodmilk. said...

hey thanks!

{Tara} said...

The show looks gorgeous -- wish I could have seen it in person!

Ane said...

It's a beautiful and inspiring job!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful new works,Jess! I'm loving them all !! I'm also psyched to see Paul Romano is going to be at the gallery! Awesome!!
Much Love ...
Morgan said...

These are absolutely devine.<3