Thursday, June 24, 2010

fresh blood: lydia deetz cocktail ring.

lydia deetz tribute ring // sparrow claw huge cocktail ring. all sterling silver & available for ghouls & ghosts here.


Anonymous said...

love the ring! beautiful!



lolo dahling said...


Lisette said...

that is one badass ring! I wouldn't let it leave my finger either.

L.S.D. (Little Sister Designs) said...

This is soooo awesome. When i stop wasting my money on Jewellery tools and supplies i will save and buy something of yours. So gorgeous!

danielle v. said...

yes yes yes... that ring!

and thank goddess we had people like lydia, wednesday, & vada to love while growing up! xx

Penelope said...

Oh my! Sparrow claws and Lydia Deetz in the one post, how could I not love it!?

I just saw the Tim Burton exhibition here last night, and I'm going back 100 more times. Beetlejuice will always be my favourite.