Wednesday, July 28, 2010

in the eye of the needle on the eve of the storm.

i've been wanting to take a road trip to upstate new york for quite some time to go see the grounds at lily dale. it's a far drive from philly, but something is pulling me there & i suppose after all this work is done here, i will go. i want to see a medium (s) there and hopefully find some peace. i've been dreaming of speaking with the dead and forgetting what was said by morning. have any of you had any experiences there or with mediums in general?
image conjured from tumblr, source unknown. if you know, please email me.


rachael said...

i just a documentary on hbo called 'noone dies in lily dale' or some such thing...there is a spiritualist church in philly - 2nd spiritualist church at 423 s. broad...anyone can join in their services and maybe get a free reading!

Magda ┼╗mijowska said...

truly amazing :)

Leila Marvel said...

I never been to a medium, though always wanted to. Weird that you wrote this, my dream early this morning I had spoke to my grandmother, well she had spoke to me through a phone. But I don't recall the words. She comes in my dreams all the time.

jackiebean said...

this is weird. i was just thinking about lily dale today, and now i happened upon your blog. coincidence? i have been thinking about mediums and speaking to the dead a lot lately myself.

have you seen the documentary about lily dale on hbo? it's a little goofy at times, but i found it interesting.

i have not personally had any experiences with a medium, but my mother has. she has gone to see the same woman on lbi a few different times. from what my mom told me, the lady was pretty right on about her love life and money. but i'm still not sure if i believe this particular medium or not.

i hope your experience in lily dale is everything you wish it to be. please report back! i'm following your blog now, and i'd love to hear your take on it.

Anonymous said...

Lilydale is very close to me living in Erie. A lot of people I know go to visit it. As far as its reputations with other mediums sometimes I hear negative things. Like Lilydale isn't the best place to get "spiritual" so to speak because it's filled with a lot of bad energies as compared to another place or perhaps a personal medium.

I personally want to see for myself to make a proper judgment but all I could say is go open-minded. It's said that spirits can tell when you're in doubt and it's sometimes harder to connect spiritually when reason overtakes our need for contact.