Monday, July 26, 2010

& they spoke to me......

chad from mon petit fantome has released his first book of silhouettes. at an edition of 50 & hand-bound, these beauties are surely a rare treasure & are sadly sold out, but they were just released in soft cover for all of us who missed out.
what i love most about mon petit fantome is the cohesive aesthetic of dark themes set against a kind of innocent light. this juxtaposition is always something i'm going for in my fiction & it's done so well here. chad has great personal style & plays in a ghostly, whispery band, st.mary's,
that i've been listening to these days as i paint. a soundtrack to my hermetic life filled with black silver and portraits of bee-keepers & astral travellers.

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St├ęphane Von Brach said...

I like this selection !
Good choice !!