Sunday, July 25, 2010

off with my head!


the other night i pulled 'the hermit' tarot card, which couldn't be more fitting for me; as i've been literally & mentally holed up these days painting & battling inner phantoms. this turbulence often leads to new ideas & inspirations just as much as it makes me feel headless.


MAB from OtterCatHaus said...

I had The Death card pulled three times in a row for me a couple of weeks ago. It was a rough week indeed.
Your headless darlings are great images for your mental state.

Anonymous said...

Aren't her figurines absolutely delightful? I would like a who shelf full.

Unknown said...

My grandma got me a Franklin Mint First Ladies doll set when I was little. They were about this size. I wish I had thought to decapitate them. They would have been much cooler that way. ;D