Thursday, October 21, 2010



pinky promise: although i've read a couple of books on a digital reader, & will continue to do so since my husband hates it when i read with the light on, (really what a fight saver it's been!) i will still always, always read printed books. pressing my face into olde books in vintage book stores, the difference in the weight and tooth of a page, the ruination of a paperback cover and the creases of a hardbound spine, all of these things are love notes. for me, the thing i missed most was being able to hand write notes on the pages. so, i've taken a pledge to keep the printed word alive. you can too! check it out here.

brother's quay x mm: as part of a new ongoing project that the fine folks over at the mutter museum have instituted to generate more visitors, they have invited the legendary brother's quay to use their space to create a film. (having been married there and having dealt with their annoying rules about photography within the museum, i know how special this is...) the story of the film is based on the skeleton of  harry eastlack, a man who had a rare condition that caused the muscle and tissue surrounding his bones to harden like bone. over time he morphed into a living statue. after he passed his skeleton was donated to the museum where his sister often visited him. the film focuses on this odd place of visitation and grieving. i can't wait to see it! 

tumblr of the week: i just found the owl hooteh. it's filled with a perfect curated collection of muted colors and vintage images. 

hacked: speaking of digital readers, a local philly etsy seller hacks olde typewriters into tech savy keyboards compatible with ipads! i love it. 

 q: as for me, diya from in her stilettos interviewed me about bloodmilk amongst other things and the result can be found here.

* image is a woman being hypnotized in 1907& is from 'a morning’s work: medical photographs from the burns archive & collection, 1843-1939' *

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