Thursday, October 21, 2010

darker, my love: sneak peek

"forget me not"

if i've seemed quite on here lately, it's due to hermiting myself away in my studio making paintings for next week's show. if you live in SF, i'd love to meet you! this show has been the culmination of feelings i've had for two years, since the death of my father. as personal as it's ispiration is, it's also partly inspired by my recent trip to lily dale as well as the beetlejuice movie & cartoons. the 'charachter' of the paintings is lydia from beetlejuice, i felt she best served as a metaphor for a heroine who is able to live within both the natural & supernatural worlds as well as communicating with those that live in the 'neitherworld'. the show also features the haunting vignettes of writer danielle vogel, & i feel her writing compliments the work perfectly. if you don't live near SF, the show will be up on loved to death's website & you can also contact them directly if you're interested in any of the work. there will also be a few prints available for sale opening night. hope to meet some of you!


danielle v. said...


Psychedelicsister said...

I picked up a flyer for this last weekend in the Haight so I plan on going with a friend.

Audra said...

Can't wait for Saturday!!! Xoxo

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲ said...

In love with "forget me not" !!!
x x x