Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the otherness.


i've been reading some of the philosophies of Carl Jung lately as i've been working on an essay about doubles & the ritual of 'finding' one's self. if the psyche is in a constant state of growth & change, is there any personal equilibrium? if yes, when does individuation (or plainly put, the process of becoming whole) occur? i suppose as i near towards being a year older these thoughts are fresh and sharp in my mind. something about maura sullivan's 'other' photographs speaks to me about all of these thoughts. the subjects are all 'strange' in some way & yet bold/ sure in their revealing. 


dd said...

Simply put, I think we are always a work in progress. I don't think we are ever whole.

At my age--I'm 22, we are so preoccupied with becoming who we are meant to be. Filing neatly into houses and careers. It seems so important now--who I am--I feel so strange and out of place. But then I look at my mother, who is 56, and she seems to have relaxed all those thoughts, but she is still ever changing. Ever processing stimulus--ideas, new thoughts. I think as long as you accept new ideas you will never become whole. Which is a good thing. You never want to become closed off and stop growing as a person.

I hope that makes sense. I've been up early at a market this morning and working all day.


claudia, dearest said...

Has this lead you into personality theory yet? MBTI, enneagram, ect? I know Jung's archetypes tie closely with MBTI. I found it very useful to know my "type" as I continue a conscious and deliberate growth cycle. I catch myself being "me" - which is neat because I am nothing of the sort.

I test as a INFP. I'd be interested in knowing your type...

Trista said...

Her work is perplexing and strange...I absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing this artist with us!

cloudgathererholdmedown said...

jung and his theory of mysterium coniunctionis intrigue and inspire me.
we are all (thankfully) continually evolving..