Thursday, April 21, 2011



firstly, thanks to everyone who showed support during death & taxes, even if you were unable to partake. it means so much to me to hear how you enjoy your piece of bloodmilk. i feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing supporters! 

lately i've been feeling artistically fractured, simultaneously working on a new, full line of bloodmilk, a new painting for the upcoming alchemy show at observatory, & many exciting writing endeavors. these collages by claire pestaille remind me of this feeling, this splitting. new things on the horizon!



Angeliska said...

Beautiful! Good luck with all your endeavors, dear lady. One day, I shall have money to spend again, and then the perfect piece of yours will be mine! I know it's in your brain somewhere, waiting for me. I love your work, and your magical brain!

Maria Elba said...

woah- so g o o d!

jessica/miniature rhino said...

lots to juggle, but that keeps your mind and fingers going! can't wait to see your new work!!