Wednesday, July 13, 2011

novels & novellas.


this took me far longer than promised, but here are some of my favorite novels & novellas. most of this is contemporary:

1. geek love / katherine dunn

2. florida / christine shult

3. half life / shelley jackson

4. madeline is sleeping / sarah shun-lien

5. roughhouse / thaddeus rutowski

6. we have always lived in the castle / shirley jackson ( i tend to read this book once a year)

7. the heart is a lonely hunter / carson mccullers

8. the lover / marguerite duras

9. the hearing trumpet / leonora carrington

10. the sun also rises / ernest hemingway

11. oryx and crake / the year of the flood / margaret atwood

12. anything by jeanette winterson

13. frances johnson / stacey levine

currently reading: this is no year / blake butler 



nicki said...

Awesome post idea! I love reading and you have a fabulous collection. I highly recommend putting "Just Kids" on your reading list! <3

Tropic of Unicorn

Dianne said...

I love Margaret Atwood, Oryx & Crake is a fave of mine as well. I sometimes afterwards feel a bit like I've missed something when reading her books, like they ended before the end, or they are missing a chapter? I think thats what I like about them though. you have to make the part that gives you 'closure' or whatever up for yourself. Hmm.


Unknown said...

such funny timing, I was just thinking about finding Geek Love this weekend.

catastrophic said...

Geek Love is my favorite book, too. How exciting!

melina bee said...

I love this post and the accompanying photo. geek love is one of my favorites so I can't wait to check out the others, esp. the shirley jackson book.
If you like geek love, you may really enjoy Cruddy by Lynda barry.

Creepy Crissy said...

Adding these to my reading list, thanks so much! :)

Parisa said...

carson mccullers and duras are my two favorite authors...