Friday, September 16, 2011

the black sea.


for months after my father passed away nearly three years ago to the date, i've had re-curring dreams of meeting him at the lip of the sea in long island where i was born. it is always a night sea, the moon reflecting on the dark water in snaky silver slivers. we stand at this cusp together, our shoulders slightly grazing each other as they did that last time i saw him. he looks out into that inky abyss as i look up at him forlornly, pleadingly. even in the dream i know he is not real, that we are not really there, but the little child folded up inside me like origami wants to pull him away from that terribly beautiful edge. 

something about these images by dylan shaw reminds me of these feverish, lucid dreams. so strange and sad.


RavenWolf said...

Ugh--my heart goes out to you, Jess. I'm so sorry to hear you lost your Father. I know the anniversary of the loss is so emotional. <3

I lost my Father too, and I know the heart wrenching ache of loss--and the recurrent dreams of some kind of connection. As painful as the strange, dream-state "meetings" are, I never want them to end....

Anonymous said...

Your words are beautiful Jess. You have a way of stirring such emotion in your readers, and for this they are thankful.

I never did say thank you for the Birthday present you sent along for me with Shauns order he placed. Time got away with me. Though when i opened up that package and read your little birthday note and the beautiful piece of jewelery you sent. I was speechless. Thank you! I keep that little note above my mood board on my desk and it makes me smile to think that there still are some beautiful people in this world. And to be honest the heart shield hasn't left me.


miniaturerhino said...

felt an ache reading this. i can't imagine losing a parent. Reminds me of my grandma, who always says "It was like a dream" when she talks about the past...