Sunday, November 13, 2011

the lore of the sea.

nov 2011

nov 2011

being from long island, i often spent part of my childhood summers on fire island, a small isle that still retains a largely untouched aesthetic. the best way on and off is by ferry. we would catch tiny toads in bell jars in the tall dunes near  at night and bathe in the seaweed soup of the waters. in this way, the sea has become a sort of mythic being in my psyche. when i return to it, it feels like going home.

despite all this, it's easy to forget about all the creatures that move around in the darkness below the waves so today, when i went on a studio visit in baltimore, i also had a chance to visit the grand aquarium they have there.  aside from the elegant seahorses & a sleeping octopus, the jellyfish were absolutely my favorite. thin as smoke with an otherworldly aura.

shaky shooting with 8mm app for iphone.


Uncommon Objects Blog said...

I grew up along the Gulf of Mexico, and jellyfish were always my favorite as well. Like beautiful, ethereal sea ghosts...

kendal croix. said...

I love jellies, they are so very pretty.

Anonymous said...

I love being by the sea I especially love rock pools, so fascinating to see what turns up.