Thursday, December 1, 2011

splitting hairs.

L. Filimonov

 november has been the best month i've had all year & makes up for some of the grayness that happened earlier this year and this summer.  i went out to sf for the spirit board show. i turned 30 and celebrated with my incredible philly friends, who surprised and honored me with amazing gifts. i released my first lookbook and launched an official site. my home studio really started coming together. i prepared for bloodmilk's first gallery show (which opens on friday for philly folks) & i've sold more pieces of bloodmilk in this past month than ever, by far. 

because of this, i'm incredibly busy, trying to keep my head above the bloody, milky sea. 

currently, i won't be able to have any overseas orders ready for christmas due to shipping, and most things from my shop i won't be able to have in time for stateside friends. if you are looking to purchase a gift for a friend / love in time for the holidays, please email me before doing so to check if it's possible. some things are tricker than others.

to remedy some of this: west coast people: please contact the folks at loved to death who have a large selection of my line or east coast people: check out catbird's website. they have a nice collection of pieces including a few you can only get on their site. 

i wish you all a happy december and again, thank you so much for supporting me with kind words, purchases and well wishes this past november!


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Nicolette said...

The bloodmilk show looked fantastic! I really enjoyed the use of the animal skulls, etc to hang your necklaces. Congrats!