Tuesday, May 8, 2012



patiently awaiting a box of books from small press caketrain. ordering books (though nothing can truly replace the feeling of picking out books in person; tasting small bits before committing, rocking back on your heels in excitement over a sentence, the smell & the weight of them, the odd position in the corner of the store whilst pouring over them)  makes me think of being a kid, when there were mail order book catalogs passed out in school. i would order: 'my teacher is an alien', roald dahl titles and books from the goosebumps series. when those books came, fresh and pages smelling of ink, i was in a sort of word heaven, lost in strange worlds. i'm glad i'm still able to transport this way, to still be excited by the physical arrival of books.


Rachel Louisa. said...

As an ex-pat child, mail-ordering books to read in my mother tongue was an immensely exciting event. Thank you for bringing back that memory and a taste of that excitement (I remember ordering Horrible Histories). xo

in dreams said...

i was just thinking about the scholastic book orders i used to do in grade school. i always wanted so many, but i could only pick out a few each time. i would have to weigh which book sounded like a better read, and torture myself with the knowledge that i maybe i was wrong, and i could be stuck with a not-good read. (i actually think it prepped me, consumer-wise, to buy products online.)