Monday, June 18, 2012



 Ray Caesar La Chambre

  Ray Caesar  Crown Of Flies

thanks to everyone for entering my recent give a way. i like to hold a couple of these a year (as well as 2 sales, more on that very very soon) to show that i appreciate all of your support and kind words. i was blown away by how many of you entered this year and also, by your words of inspiration, snips of poetry, and notes of just "hi". i've also been peeking around at all of your amazing blogs.

the winner was randomly selected and is jordan whose blog ohgoddamnit is a visual treat. 

also, i keep coming back to this new ray caesar piece 'turning point' via corey helford gallery. his work is always an inspiration to me & i'm particularly snared by the repeated image of her, how she walks with ghosts or shadows of herself . . . also, the last two images are new work of his as well from his most recent show 'sin and setiment'. there is such a strange sort of melancholy alive here, a kind of welcomed solitude converging with an eyelash of darkness . . . 

as always, thank you for meeting me here.

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Cyanatra said...

Inspiring photos you've got here.