Monday, June 11, 2012

feel better.


lately, after a bit of hiatus from everything that resembled normalcy in my life, i've also gotten back to reading. i've become deeply obsessed ( in the way where i'm searching to find anything she's ever written like a mad woman) with writer kim parko, whose book of short fiction 'cure all' came in the mail recently from small, lovely press/journal cake train. (it is also available as an e-book here featuring 2 exclusive tales missing from the book ) i highly recommend her searing, poetic snips of strange fiction. i fell in love and think you might too.

also, i wanted to thank everyone who has entered my give a way. your kind words of support and encouragement mean so much to me in this strange time in my life. if you have not entered yet, you still have a couple of days to win one of my signature mini planchette necklaces. to enter, simply leave a comment with your email to this post here. 

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nicomi nix turner said...

Kim has a very interesting way with words. Definitely a good read.
-Nicomi Nix Turner