Wednesday, February 6, 2013

strange cabaret.

voyage of greenman

bat in a tree

the puppeteer

3 bats in a boat

on a sea of sand

reginald perrin


somehow these images feel akin to what 2012 (a poignant voyage into the unknown! a holding tightly & a letting go! strange explorations to nowhere that led everywhere! amazing love & friendships!) was for me.

they are from 'carnival at the end of the world' whose title alone joins together two favorite things & was created by collaborative artists nicholas kahn and richard selesnick. featuring the fictitious traveling carnival, the truppe fledermaus, the works conjure a contained world into being in which the troupe "travel the countryside staging absurd and inscrutable performances in the abandoned landscapes beyond the town’s edge." the works include billboard posters, panoramic stills of the "acts" and these odd black and white images, freckled with the things i love most, the sea, unusual creatures, an obsession with death, the forest, and boats that lead nowhere....(& perhaps everywhere!....)


in dreams said...

so awesome! gah! that first dude reminds me of the hairy creatures from the iamamiwhoami video for "drops"...creepy, but in an intriguing way.

thanks for sharing...! :)

ghoulnexdoor said...

I go away for a little while and end up missing so much! These are fantastic. I have clearly got some catching up to do.