Wednesday, February 6, 2013

will you go there with me ?

Chelsea Wolfe © Charlene Bagcal

Chelsea Wolfe wearing Blood Milk

oh chelsea wolfe. i've written so many times here about how her music is a spell that intoxicates me with its mix of witchery and intensity. she recently played philly the same weekend her new 'flatlands video' (see above) was released and i had the opportunity to see her play in the side chapel of a beautiful, olde ornate unitarian church here right around the corner from the mutter museum. take a peek at her refinery 29 interview here where she wears the blood milk 'as above, so below' snake rib cross. 


Elle Shoel said...

beautiful; the perfect combination. so influenced by you and by her! x

Sam S. said...

Oh, Chelsea.
I have you to thank for introducing me to her enchanting music. I saw her twice when she played in Australia last year, and am so very thankful for that!