Tuesday, February 19, 2013

synchronicity and so forth.


* the newest issues of sciences occultes is out now. you can order the paper version here, or view the  digital version here. this french publication is filled with beautifully foggy witchy images.

*lady pam of phantasmaphile recently wrote a terrific foretelling on 2013 as being the year of the witch. i can certainly stand behind this notion. 

* while i was garnering research for a recent article, i stumbled across 'objectophilia' or the act of falling in love with physical objects. in the case of my research, i was most interested in documented accounts of people falling in love with buildings. also on my research meanderings i found this book,
 'warped space' which has all the ingredients of being interesting. i think if i were to fall in love with a building, it might be the divine lorraine here in philly, though it is in graffiti freckled ruins right now. 

* more books:

the unseen eye: photographs from the unconscious by w.m. hunt. it was this image that snared me and pulled me along to its source. 

errantry by elizabeth hand. her stories always leave me feeling a little unsettled and the way she conjures an image makes me jealous. this new book is quite exceptional. 

vampires in the lemon grove by karen russell.  ok. i know i've mentioned her here a few times, but she was in grad school for fiction in nyc the same time i was, writes weird, and now lives here in philly. the synchronicity is appealing. i also liked this recent interview. so far her other works seem more potent to me than this offering, but i'm not all the way thru yet. 

*ghostly sounds:

my love has incredible taste in music. he procures sounds and bands that feel like soundtracks to both his visions & my emotional landscapes. if you like dissonant sounds or music that reads like unsettling moments of horror & melancholy, try these: (i'm not as apt as i'd like to be at writing about music, so just give a listen instead)

& lastly and a bit more frivolous, i love these new fluevogs. strange & absurd.



Re music: Try also Nostalghia or Slowdive. Fabulous! Here's to 2013 :)

ghoulnexdoor said...

Kreng creates some of the darkest, most frighteningly sinister ambient music out there. LOVE.

Elle Shoel said...

So much inspiration, thank you so much! x

in dreams said...

that elizabeth hand book looks amazing (i love that amazon preview option!)...and obv i'm excited to see what karen russell's got in store with her new offering (but is it just me, or does that write-up sound awfully like kelly link's write-ups?). ANYWAY. thanks for making me break my read-only-library-books resolution this year.

Unknown said...

Have you listened to ExitMusic? Not quite as outer space sounding as some of what you have listed, but so ambiant and beautiful.