Friday, April 12, 2013

2 of swords, forever.

Charmaine Olivia in the Blood Milk 2 of swords earrings

the lovely artist & internet darling charmaine olivia wearing the sterling 2 of swords tarot earrings. 

these are currently on sale (more info on this found here, including a coupon code for an extra 5% off.) i feel so lucky to have people whose work i admire wearing my work, the community i have been a part of here on the internet and in person in my home city of philly, has been filled with incredibly mutual support people who also care about handmade items and art.

as my way of saying thank you, i hold bi-annual sales; the first of the year is going on now in my shop. take a peek or help spread the word. 

also, i was recently interviewed by a special lady named ashley for her beautiful site hollywood noir makeup. you can read my intense ramblings about the afterlife, being gloomy and upcoming projects here. 

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liza corbett said...

what a wonderful interview!!