Monday, April 1, 2013


april 1 2013

today marks the one year anniversary of my signing the lease on my beautiful loft. moving out on my own has been life changing & while i'm still transitioning (both in terms of physically setting up this giant space & emotionally; as i lived in my last place for 13 years...) the past 365 days of truly thriving in my own landscape, deciding and directing my own fate, has been so special & important for me.

here is a little image that's of part of my bedroom and includes meaningful treasures from some of my favorite artists:

senace sculpture: jessica dalva
small drawing: amy earles

as well as a collection of special objects below the bell jars, such as a palmistry hand that was given as a  gift the first time i made a big move on my own, a small bee that landed perfectly (& died of natural causes) in my last bedroom several springs ago, a dental casting i picked up on my first trip to SF & small flat stones i collected from the beach in hyeres while i lived there.


Boho Mixology said...

I just love that image, its beautiful!

Zoe xx

Rhonda said...

I love your bedroom. So pretty.

in dreams said...

omg i didn't notice that little bee on IG...that has got the be the cutest thing ever! i die. <3