Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bleeding Knees, Dry Tears

I'm a HUGE fan of Kukula's work! She's having an upcoming show at CorpoNason gallery, opening on November 8th. This piece, "Little Guides" is my favorite from the show. I love the mix of melancholy with a sense of childhood nostalgia and an erotic touch. 
"Dry Tears" is only 5x7, but is incredibly detailed and contains a detached sense of sadness in a desolate enviornment. I dig how she's dressed and curious about her scrapped knee, its as if we are glimpsing the story at the aftermath of something heartbreaking. I wish Kukula well next week! although I'm sure she'll sell out.

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StickyKitten said...

wow, gorgeous your blog too. added you to my list=)