Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Future stories and loves.

Two major events have recently rose in my life....the first was being married this past weekend to my love and the second, which will effect everyone, was the election of Barack Obama as President. Here in Philly I could hear horns honking and people literally screaming his name in the streets well past 1 a.m. In a drastic change from the election last year, I felt EVERYONE went out and voted and I received many phone calls from friends and family reminding me to vote. These two events have made me excited for the future.....& as I stumbled on this photo on artist Ann Wood's blog, of her handmade cardboard castle, I felt it summed up how I was feeling; like an enormous castle filled with multitudes of excitement and anticipation. I hope everyone is as well as I find myself these days, I'll have a BIG shop update at the end of next week.

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