Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Drawing Room

Audrey setting up her installation in the front room of Think Space. 
Like many of us "pop surrealist' art collectors out there, I have a special type of hysteria reserved for the highly talented Audrey Kawasaki. Upcoming this friday night at PS mecca ThinkSpace gallery in CA is a show featuring drawings by Miss Kawasaki and an entourage of her equally talented friends, some who have established art careers and others who are recieving their much deserved spot in the lime light. 

Photo Via Juxtapoz.

I especially adore this wood drawing by Audrey. I have been following her career since college on her LiveJournal and am lucky to own a few of her prints and to have been able to see her breathtaking work in person when she showed here in Philly through the now defunct Lineage gallery. (R.I.P)

Liza Corbett is a fellow member of the Etsy team I belong to, Cabinet of Curiosities. I greatly admire her work and dig her Etsy shop where you can buy prints and originals.

Fumi Nakamura is another lovely lady I followed on her LiveJournal years ago. I have a lovely original from her and love to see that she's doing so well. She works mainly in colored pencils, a medium that is one of my favorites.