Tuesday, June 1, 2010

owl light.

yesterday we travelled to a nearby reservation and attended a wonderful powwow. we gorged ourselves on fry bread & walked around the woods. just as we were getting ready to leave, we happened upon a little stand at the end of the row of vendors where a falconer had his hawks clipped to wooden beams. there was also a great horned owl perched atop a tree trunk. we must have stood there for atleast 45 minutes watching the birds and talking with the falconer under the opressive heat. i've never seen any of these birds up so close before and it was truly an amazing experience! i believe it really enchances all of the recent castings i've been doing of bird parts and making me more aware of the true beauty these birds have.
the above painting, 'the owler' is part of the new work by jessica dalva that's over at la luz right now. i'm a big fan of her sculptures as well so pop over and take a look!

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lolo dahling said...

I loooove this painting!