Monday, June 27, 2011



there is really nothing punk about me except my extreme aversion to authority but i've been obsessed with these shoes. i admit its been a bit more fashion heavy on here these days and this is in part due to all the research i've been doing for lookbook moodboards & partly because, well, i'm into aesthetics and therefore have this macabre attraction to fashion as a kind of psychic armor & which is normally outweighed by my attractions to art, bizarre fiction etc. . . . anyway, i hope to snag a white pair for the fall.



dd said...

Those are cute.

everyone has punx in them.


Anonymous said...

Creepers are the best shoes ever. I bought a pair when I was 18 and wore them until my toes poked out the front.

Dianne said...

Whut I want those sparkley hotpants too. x