Thursday, November 17, 2011

a special sale & an interview


recently i was asked by lovely s.e of mlle ghoul for an interview. her resulting questions put a needle to the pulse of bloodmilk & i felt inspired to really bleed. so in a way, this is kind of like the autobiography of bloodmilk. if you're inclined to read it, take a peek at it here, but be warned it's a bit of a beast. i took a few shots of my home studio which are included in the interview & are also here on my flickr. the little bee in the tiny bell jar was found in my bedroom one spring in its perfect form & is one of my favorite "found" treasures!

& lastly, tomorrow & saturday i will be having my holiday sale a little earlier than usual to try my best to ensure christmas delivery. i feel i'm markedly more busy this year than i was last, so i wanted to hold this a little more than a month before christmas / other holidays of note. thank you in advance for buying handmade and indie this holiday season !

IMPORTANT DETAILS: mostly everything in my shop will be discounted 10% already via the incredibly handy etsy on sale app for ONLYthe two days, November 18 and November 19 EASTERN STANDARD TIME. in addition to this, i will be activating a coupon for those of you who read my blog here, follow me on twitter, tumblr, etc. the special coupon code for an extra 10% off is CONJURER1111. you enter this code in at checkout where it will further discount the item before you purchase. the sale DOESN'T include collaborative pieces or any limited edition pieces, which includes anything with a crystal.

thanks so much to all of you who have sent me their kind words about my new lookbook, which you can view here on my new site. you can also download the full pdf here to view at your own pace. 


fanciful devices said...

th interview is wonderful- i LOVED the photos!!! so glorious.

Olnuzola said...

Your interior peeks look very interesting! and I am going to check out ur etsy-shop now

Olnuzola said...

Just checked your etsy-shop.. Your items look amazing! Although too 'dark' for my style, I do see it's creativity and quality.. great! <3